Understanding Commercial Property Insurance

Your liveli­hood is depen­dent on the sur­vival of your busi­ness, so it is imper­a­tive that you pro­tect it against any poten­tial threat — big or small. For instance, a fire could destroy your business’s ware­house and the con­tents inside, or a burst frozen pipe could dam­age impor­tant doc­u­ments and valu­able papers. Worse, you could have trou­ble pay­ing your employ­ees dur­ing a loss because your funds are devot­ed to repair­ing damage.

If self-insur­ing is not an option to com­bat these risks of loss, it is wise to obtain prop­er­ty insur­ance. This cov­er­age comes in many forms to suit your spe­cif­ic needs. Before pur­chas­ing cov­er­age, take a com­plete inven­to­ry of all your busi­ness prop­er­ty to deter­mine how much you need to insure. This impor­tant step ensures you will have ade­quate cov­er­age to con­tin­ue your busi­ness in the event of a cov­ered loss.

Here are some examples of property that’s commonly insured:

Buildings and other structures (leased or owned)Inventory
Furniture, equipment and suppliesMoney and securities
Records of accounts receivableLeasehold improvements and betterments
Machinery/boilerElectronic data processing equipment (computers, etc.)
Mobile property (construction equipment, etc.)Property in transit
CargoSatellite dishes
Signs, fences and other outdoor propertyIntangible property (goodwill, trademarks, etc.)
Ordinary payrollExtra expenses as a result of loss

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